Government Job Situation in Bangladesh

Availability of Jobs

There is a high competition for limited government jobs in Bangladesh. With a large young population seeking employment, the number of applicants far exceeds the positions available in government departments and organizations.


Salaries and benefits in government jobs are lower compared to private companies but offer more job security. Fresh graduates in entry-level government positions can expect monthly salaries ranging from 15,000 to 25,000 BDT. More senior roles may offer 35,000 to 50,000 BDT per month.

Hiring Process

Getting hired for a government job involves rigorous testing procedures including a written examination and viva voce interviews. Candidates are ranked based on exam scores and recruitments happen based on merit and vacant positions. The process often takes several months from start to appointment.


Despite lower pay scales, government jobs remain highly coveted in Bangladesh due to higher job security, fixed working hours, pensions and retirement benefits. Teaching, banking, engineering and administrative government roles continue to attract a high number of applicants.

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