Spider-Man 3 Deleted scenes

Spider-Man 3 (2007) 

🔴 Peter tries to visit Harry at Oscorp:

In the opening montage of the film, Peter attempts to go to Oscorp to see Harry to explain what happened between him and his father.  Peter is stopped by an Oscorp receptionist from entering.

🔵 Harry’s Madness:
In the novelisation, Harry’s madness is further explored, where Harry thinks he’s talking to his butler, but its revealed no one is there. Then Harry is tormented by Norman again. This would have taken place before he took the Goblin gas.
🔵 Sandman finds Dr Wallace:
After Flint Marko becomes Sandman, he visits Dr Phil Wallace, a molecular biologist who is working on cure for Marko’s daughter. Marko probably threatened Wallace to continue working on a cure for his daughter.

🔴 A Spider in Peter’s Room:

A spider is seen crawling around Peter’s room. Not sure the point of this scene, but if I had to theorise it could have been a showdown between a spider and the Symbiote in Peter’s room, foreshadowing how the Symbiote will consume Spider-Man.

🔴 Mary Jane talks to Ursula:

From the novelisation, after MJ leaves Peter’s room for him to stop the crane, MJ bumps into Ursula (Peter Parker’s neighbor girl) and she introduces her to a job as a singing waitress.
🔴 Peter reveals to a kid that he’s Spider-Man: 
At the Spider-Man parade, a little kid dressed as Spider-Man runs up to Peter and shows off his silly string web shooter, but it runs out of webbing. Peter then shoots a web onto the kid’s shoe in return.
🔵 Spider-Man saves a baby:
When Sandman appears at the Spider-Man parade, an extended version of the scene features civilians falling over from the sandstorm. One instance features a mother falling away from her baby, but Spider-Man swings in and saves the baby.
🔵 Extended/Alternate Sandman fight:
An extended scene of Spider-Man landing on the truck and some alternative bits from the fight.
🔵 Extended Symbiote Transformation:
Just a shot of the spider symbol changing from the typical one to the Black Suit one. This shot was used a lot in trailers, so I wonder if it was created just for marketing.
🔵 Peter revisits Uncle Ben’s death?:
A shot I found in the bloopers. Peter’s in the grey hoodie he wore when he went to go wrestling. The blue screen suggests some sort of dream sequence, maybe part of the scene where the Symbiote first attaches itself to Peter.
🔴 Black Spidey and Yellow Taxi:
Extended scene where Spider-Man swings off to find Sandman, he seemingly lands on a yellow taxi before reaching the ground.
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🔵 Spider-Man hits Sandman:
Not much to see here, but it looks like Spider-Man was going to use a piece of the train track to hit Sandman.
🔵 Peter sees Venom in the Mirror: 
Alternative scene, Peter starts to be suspicious about what the suit is doing to him, there’s a jump scare where he sees Venom in the mirror and frantically takes off the suit. The Venom in the mirror is an early costume test for the character.
🔵 The Chimes of Serenity:
After Eddie Brock is fired, Betty Brant brings out some chimes that Jameson’s wife gave to him to keep him calm. Hoffman enters and tells Jameson that he ran a campaign that Jameson didn’t want and that they lost money, setting J.J. off again.
🔴 Eddie Brock seeks Gwen for help:
After being fired, Eddie goes to Gwen’s house for solace. Gwen tells Eddie that she doesn’t want him in her life and he leaves. This scene would’ve been interesting as it would’ve created some credible empathy for Eddie.

 DeO6DhDXUAUjfum - Spider-Man 3 Deleted scenes
🔴 Extended Eddie Brock Church Scene:
There are some extra shots of Eddie walking toward the church and walking down the church aisle. Probably cut for pacing.

🔵 Extended Eddie Brock Church Scene:
In the novelisation, Eddie gives an extended monologue where he explains that he believes he’s been treated unfairly and takes no responsibility for his mistakes, he hates that he suffers by other people’s imperfections.
🔵 Extended Symbiote Rip:
An additional shot of Peter ripping the Black Suit off his thigh, probably cut due to something to do with Peter not wearing any pants, maybe a bit too suggestive for the producers.
🔴 In the novelisation, Eddie uses the Symbiote’s memories to find Peter’s apartment and goes in there while Peter’s showering. Eddie inspects the room, noting a picture of Mary Jane and the red and blue Spider-Man costume.
🔴 Eddie recruits Flint Marko: 
An alternative scene of Eddie recruiting Marko to team up with him. Instead of Eddie appearing as Venom, Eddie shows up after Sandman watches his daughter as a sandcastle. Probably was cut and reshot to add more Venom.
🔵 Mary Jane tries to help Harry:
Before she was kidnapped by Venom, Mary Janes goes to Harry to comfort him. Her line about forgiveness pretty much encapsulates the main message of the film.
🔵 Alternative Peter asks Harry for help:
Same as in the movie, but this time Peter’s not in his costume. Perhaps they were saving the reveal of the red and blue costume returnl for the moment when he gets it out of his suitcase.
🔴 Gwen Stacy at the Final Battle:
Gwen Stacy was meant to appear at the final battle and watch from the ground. The photo below is a set photo, the guy next to her is just a fan.
🔴 Dr Wallace saves the day:
Along with Gwen, her father Captain Stacy was meant to appear in the final battle. Dr Wallace would’ve informed Captain Stacy that he knows who Sandman is and knows how to stop him.
🔴 Dr Wallace meets Sandman’s wife and daughter:
From the novelisation, Dr Wallace goes to Emma Marko’s house and asks her and Penny to come with him quickly, Penny realises her dad is the Sandman.
🔵 Elevator:
Penny and Emma Marko were going to travel to the top of the skyscraper via an elevator to stop Sandman.
🔵 Alternative Sandman Ending:
After falling to the ground, Sandman returns to normal size to kill Spider-Man. Emma and Penny intervene, with Penny telling her dad it’s not worth fighting anymore; he should just be with her.
🔴 Alternative Sandman Ending:
Sandman tells Spider-Man what happened with Uncle Ben and Spider-Man forgives him, essentially the same as what happened in the theatrical cut, but in a different location and time in the film.
🔴 Alternative Venom Ending:
There was an alternative Venom ending, where after Spider-Man had surrounded Venom with the ringing poles, Spider-Man yanks Eddie out of the Symbiote, but he’s revealed to be a bunch of bones- the Symbiote had completely bonded with Eddie.
🔵 The Symbiote Returns to Peter:
Part of the alternative Venom ending had the Symbiote try to reattatch itself to Peter. Peter tries to fight off the Symbiote and kills it by bringing down more poles, creating even louder ringing.
🔴 The Symbiote Returns to Peter:
The toys pretty much indicate that this was going to be the final fight in the film.


🔵 Final Swing:
Seems like a final swing was intended for Spider-Man 3, but it didn’t make it past pre-viz.

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