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Pathan Movie Review, Shahrukh Khan’s Pathan Movie Download Link

Siddharth Anand and Abbas Tirewala; These two writers are the biggest heroes of Pathan’s success. No matter how the story or sequence of the movie Pathan is arranged, there is no doubt that the dialogues of the movie are written for the critics of Shahrukh, even though they appear to be part of the movie.

If you can follow from the very first teaser,
Kya jante ho tum pathan ke bare mein: What do you know about Shah Rukh?

3 saal se uski koi khabar nahi: 3 years ago (now it’s been 4 years) he didn’t have any other movie after Zero movie.

Apne last mission mein wo pakda gaya; Zero movie was a flop.
Suna hai bahut torture kiya use; After the release of the movie Zero, Shah Rukh has been trolled a lot.

Pata nahi hai ki pathan mar gaya hai ya; Everyone is saying that Shahrukh will not be able to stand up anymore, stardom is over.
Zinda hai………; Now that the movie has released and the box office is saying (Shah Rukh is alive)

In addition, the beginning and end of the film calls for the use of old wounded or early retired soldiers, which refers to Bollywood’s early retired hero and heroine crew.

Especially the reference to kintsugi in the conversation between Pathan and his boss. In Japan, pots that break are lined with gold, making the pot stronger and more valuable.

See, Yashraj has made a spy action movie with 57-year-old Shah Rukh, who has no 300 crore movie, has not done an action movie of this scale before, but gave it the biggest opening in Bollywood. And at the end, while talking to the general, the same thing can be seen hinted at.

Pathan Movie Download Link

And lastly Salman Shahrukh’s casual conversation sitting on the train, who will come to Bollywood after them? Pathan is an action movie and it can be said that it is a replica of Bollywood.

Spy people are already saturated, Bond, Mission Impossible franchise has shown almost everything, then the Bourne series has shown what can be done when going against a spy agency, it is difficult to put these people in Bollywood context.

I wouldn’t say they did the job 100/100, or showed anything new, but what they showed was a good presentation. This is what it looks like from the perspective of essay writing.

It’s impossible to make a good movie without a good writer, and send proof that a good writer can make a tight screenplay even with cringe elements.

Saw the trailer of Pathaan. I did not see anything unusual. I thought I saw the poor man’s Fast & Furious. The story is also from the British period.

Terrorist attack, retired soldier return, terrorist elimination, little item dance in between. The story is over. In the name of Shahrukh’s action, Fast & Furious + Mission Impossible has blurred the light.

At this age, God knows how the ghost of the movie Acton gets stuck in the head. And seeing Deepika’s action made me feel sick. walk thou Katrina would have been much better than this. The short action of his Tiger movie was very good.

SRK has a dialogue in Last, “A soldier never asks what the country has done for him. He always asks himself what he can do for the country.” I got so much laughter after hearing that.

SRK seems not to have seen Allu Arjun’s Suriya movie. If the country did such a thing, there would be no need to ask any more questions. Then the question was that this is the country for which my father fought?

John Abraham is shown briefly in the trailer. That was the blast of the trailer. Action, Expression, Dialogue everything was worth watching. And 6 Pack Body is complete

🔥🔥 Those who have seen Dhoom, Race 2, Shootout At Wadala, Mumbai Saga, Ek Villain Returns movie know very well how violent the hero and villain characters are. Very excited to see John as a villain again. I will watch the movie only for John Abraham. I waited.

Pathan The Hunter trailer review

শাহরুখ খানের পাঠান মুভি রিভিউ ডাওনলোড লিংক

Back!!! Pathan seems to be crossing the Hollywood level.

Unsettling trailer!! Seeing Shahrukh like this after a long time is very promising. All YouTubers seem to have started making videos.

And Deepika Padukone’s Besram color controversy was not really right. Seeing Deepika, it is understood that the song actually demands a story. She was seen doing action in that same dress. And John Abraham And His Haunted Voice!!

So Pathan the Hunter is unsettling to me. Tell me how you feel! Another thing is that movies are meant to be enjoyed, not for hair-splitting analysis.

So the trailer on fire.🔥
The real king is back.🔥
The real Bollywood are back.🔥

Shah Rukh Khan’s Upcoming Movie “Pathan” Latest News 🔥Shah Rukh Khan’s name in the movie will be “Raw Agent Feroz Pathaan”.Also, one more thing you will be surprised to know is that the famous Hollywood actor “Eilage Budgrub” has been hired as a guard in the movie. The movie is a thriller,Action and Drama will have great concept. Besides, the runtime has been leaked for 2 hours and 26 minutes

Pathaan Movie Review in Bangla

I personally think that 

YRF ‘s plans for Pathaan are better –

——————👉 Paying more attention to ensure that nothing of the movie is leaked.👉 If you don’t give a trailer of the movie, it is better to keep a simple teaser. There is no need to give any idea about the story beforehand. If the trailer has to be cut, cut it in such a way that 10% of the story is not revealed. Only action and dialogue based.👉 Paid movie previews, bookings and promotions are done in advance.

👉 Even if the songs are released earlier, the full video should not be given, lyrical or short.👉 Keeping the ticket rate high in the first weekend. Because Shah Rukh will come on the big screen after many years, there will be no problem if the ticket rates are kept high for the first 3/4 days. From then on keeping the normal rate so that the pressure of higher ticket rates does not come on the family audience.👉 Do not make exaggerated statements for the sake of promotion of any of the actors, actresses, directors or team members of the movie before the release of the movie. The project should be kept as simple as possible and kept as a surprise.#Also Read:  

Pushpa Movie Review – PUSHPA MOVIE REVIEW, Pushpa Box Office Report👉 How many movies of Shah Rukh have come out and failed, but the first half is decent, but the second half is missed. So a good second half with a crispy screenplay and a great climax is most important. It must be confirmed.👉 Ensuring maximum screens overseas and domestically.👉 If possible release in south version and promote there as next movie with Atlee Kumar.👉 Using Salman Khan in Trailer / Teaser. Although Fan War is about credit. But 

Sooryavanshi and stars have heated up the market by doing shows, so there is nothing wrong in doing that in Tiger 3, 

Pathaan .#Also Read:  

KGF Chapter 2 Review by YashIt won’t be long before people come to see KKHH and be surprised. Everyone knows what’s going on, who’s who in the online era. So it is better to use it in promotion.

PATHAAN SONGS & SINGERS EXCLUSIVEPATHAAN is composed by energetic duo Vishal & Shekhar. Aditya Chopra spent a huge chunk of the budget on the film’s musicTotal 5/6 songs were recorded in the film. A couple of songs may be omitted from the final cut of the film. This does not mean that the music will continue for half an hour of the film; You know the runtime of Sanjay films has reduced a lot in this era. The runtime of each song shall not exceed 2.5 to 3 minutes

——————————————————————————Let’s see the total songs and singers names in the film:1️⃣ ARIJIT SINGH –Romantic song titled “NESHA CHADHA” in HINDI-SPANISH-ENGLISH chorus. You already know, some parts of which were leaked. [ Ordinance is going to have a romantic melody song as good as Shahrukh – Arijit duo’s previous songs ]2️⃣ FARHAD BHIWANDIWALA –ENERGETIC SONG [ “Knock Knock, Tera Baap Aya” fame singer]. Said in a PR interview, his song in PATHAAN is going to be more hardcore and energetic than the song “Tera Baap Aya”.

3️⃣ SHAHID MALLY-Light Patriotic PATRIOTIC SONG [ “To Dhishum,” “May Banni Tera Radha” song famous singer. That is not to say that the song is made up of light patriotic feelings.4️⃣ VISHALl DADLANIPATHAAN ENTRY & TITLE SONG [ Pathaan is going to be a wiser entry than King Khan’s DON 2. It is also the title song of the film. The song will be in the energetic style of Masalada]5 ️⃣ HAITHAM RAFIARABIC SONG [ A very popular singer internationally and especially in the Middle East. PATHAAN aka SRK is going to be an important song during his mission. which may be an Arabic-Hindi chorus song]


NOTE :🟠 In the latest addition, KK is rumored to have a song, but it is not fully confirmed🟡 Song recording work is complete long ago. Farah Khan choreographed a song. Details about the female singers in the film are not known yet.Multiple singers can have songs in chorus voice. And it cannot be confirmed how many songs will be in the film at the end. Because any song can be removed and added again for the needs of the movie.

Pathan Movie Download Link, Shah Rukh Khan New Movie, Pathan Link HD, Pathan Hindi New Movie.

Kaleidoscope Netflix Series Review Link🔰 #Pathaan update◼️YRF’s spy universe upcoming film #Pathaan will have 4 action sequences and 3 songs.◼️The action sequences were shot at YRF Studios using VFX plates in Turkey, Dubai and Spain.#Also Read:  

Jawan Movie Review Jawan Movie Review

Pathan Movie Story, Pathan Download Link HD Plus, How to Download Shah Rukh Khan’s New Movie?, Pathan Song Lyrics, Salman Khan’s Dance Viral in Pathan, Shahrukh Khan’s Love Offer with Salman.◼️Out of the three songs, two were shot in Spain and one in India.

Pathan movie review

Since the release of Pathaan’s debut film Besharam Rang yesterday, there has been a lot of discussion and criticism. One of the criticisms that was noticed in it was that the lyrics were not good. To judge whether the lyrics are good or bad, let’s first try to understand the lyrics.

First of all I was listening to the song repeatedly on loop just to get the vibe. After listening to it again and again, the lyrics started entering the head. Then I realized that this song highlights the human tendency to make repeated mistakes.

In the first stanza the narrator identifies his mistake in falling in love by mentioning what love has done to him. “Humein Toh Loot Liya Milke Ishq Walon Ne” means the love merchants have looted her. By love merchants he refers to his previous lovers.

“Bahut Hi Tang Kiya Ab Tak Inn Khayalon Ne” means memories of her previous lovers still haunt her. Falling in love was a big mistake for him as love robbed him and corrupted his mind.

In the second stanza the narrator tells why people go back to making the same mistakes. After every mistake people get better for a while. They say “I will never make this mistake again”. But after a while, their addiction to being good ended. “Nasha Chadha Jo Shareefi Ka Utaar Phenka Hai” means that he has overcome the addiction of good taste that arose in him.

Then they become shameless again. “Besharam Rang Kahan Dekha Duniya Walon Ne” means the world has not yet seen the colors of his shamelessness. He will show the world more of that color this time.

The third stanza tells how people continue to make mistakes even after becoming completely new people. “Mujhmein Nayi Baat Hai” means now he is a new man. “Nayi Aadaton Ke Saath Hai” means he has developed a new habit now.

Despite all this, mistakes are inevitable for him. “Hai Jo Sahi Woh Karda Nahi” means he will not do the right thing. “Galat Hone Ki Yahi Toh Shuruaat Hai” means now it’s a new start for him to make new mistakes. This is how people keep making mistakes one after another in their life and get stuck in the cycle of mistakes.

Now if people like these kind of poetic lyrics, then for them Lungi Naach, Ghungru broke, Baby Vyas likes type songs are better for them.

The post will be updated further.

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