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Hi, here is Our Tutorial for,”How to Bypass Link Shortener / Url Shortener From Our Website.”

At First You Have to wait few Seconds. And this timer will auto start Like This: how-to-bypass-link-shortner-image-1

Now Follow the image for details instructions:


when you tap that button, you will be taken down of the page automatic.

Follow this image carefully: how-to-bypass-link-shortner-image-4

After that you will be on Final Page Like This:


follow image steps.

you’re done. how-to-bypass-link-shortner-image-6
now you need to do exactly what image did. how-to-bypass-link-shortner-image-7
Download Will Now start Automatically on Your Phone/Computer how-to-bypass-link-shortner-image-8

Please Comment if you can’t download the files.

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