Aquaman 2: Dc Lost Kingdom movie Download Link review

In 2018, Aquaman surprised everyone by earning $1 billion Dollar in Box Office.

But its sequel, Aquaman 2, has already garnered everyone’s attention, repeatedly receiving rave reviews from critics.

Are people now calling if the future of Aquaman 2 is bleak?

Do you know the biggest difference between Marvel and DC? Each of these has different type of project execution.

Marvel, where they make long-distance gliding, futuristic Plan and then enter the field.

There is DC, where they just try to think of plans After taking the field.

The result is major plot changes during the making of the film, reshoots at the end of the film, two versions of the same film, the director being fired in the middle of the film, etc.

Each film is screened before release. There are critics who are paid to review films.

Many times, changes are made to the film based on their feedback. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has had five test screenings so far! Each time it is changed somewhere and then a second test screening is done.

আকুয়্যাম্যান ২ লস্ট কিংডম মুভি রিভিউ
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Interestingly, the critics gave the worst rating on the test screening for the fifth time. According to them, this is the worst movie in the DCU. Even some critics left without watching the whole movie.

Think about it, you get paid to watch a movie but you don’t have the patience to finish the whole movie. How can it be!

The repetitive change of the main plot is responsible for such a reaction. For example, Michael Keaton’s Batman had a major cameo at the beginning. Keaton and Ben Affleck later had Batman cameos, which were eventually changed to “no”.

They kept the main villain and changed almost everything. Now there are so many changes that it is almost impossible to keep the plot together. Initially, the response to the screening test was moderate, but this time it was completely negative.

The film is slated for release this Christmas. Maybe DC will change the story and reshoot and give us something better. But it’s best not to get too high hopes for this thing if you’re cutting that much.

It remains to be seen what new DC president James Gunn is going to pull out of his bag.

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