The Flash ‘Last Temptation of Barry Allen’ Episode Review

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The Flash Last Temptation of Barry Allen'  Episode: English Review

Barry Allen made his last attempt to save himself before the Crisis on Infinite Earth

Episodes 6 and 7 of Flash played a very important role before the Crisis on Infinity Earths event. 
In this episode, it is decided to save oneself especially in the coming crisis event, or to save oneself by sacrificing oneself.
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The Last Temptation of Barry Allen was released last week in The Flash Season 06 Episode 08 It is divided into two episodes Part 1 and Part 2. That's why we will review the two episodes together.

The next episode of Flash is an event of Crisis on Infinity Earths. This is the regular annual crossover event of the Arrows. This year's crossover event is the biggest crossover of the Arrows.

Because this time the event will cover the entire five episodes. There have been no crossovers in so many episodes before. The upcoming episode number 9 of The Flash is the number three episode. The first two episodes will air on the ninth episode of Supergirl and Batwoman Season One. See the detailed Crisis On Infinite Earths review post.

Flash Season 6 Episode 6 Review

The whole episode was about Barry. Yes, this time Barry didn't have to fight any Meta Human. Barry the Flash has fought this time around. Now the question is, will Barry be able to fight on his own?

The plot of this episode started with Flash License To Elongate in the post credit scene at the end of episode 6.

However, the biggest hit of this episode is its post-credit scene. Which you will not understand if you do not see. So I hope you take a look first.

‡ ‡ Spoiler alert †

The Flash Season 6 Episode 7 Review

At the beginning of that episode, various scenes from the previous season were shown. In particular, the last episode, The Flash License To Elongate, is shown in the post-credit scene at the end of the episode.

This episode starts from the last episode. Where Ralph and Rousseau both fall from the top of the building into the slums. When the two of them fell down, there was a fight between them. 

At one point in the fight, Ralph is injured, and Radhamsy makes Ralph sick with his own infected blood in Ralph's body. Then Ramsey leaves and there comes Killer Frost through a portal. He arrives with Ralph and goes to Star Lab.

★ In Star Lab, with the help of Cisco and Kaitlyn, Barry Allen gives speed healing to Ralph with his own blood. Then in the morning Iris came and woke Barry. Barry asks Iris, how is Ralph. Iris replied, "Now Ralph is fine. Thank you." Ralph is being sent to Argus Lab to recover safely. Caitlin and Cisco are arranging to take him.
After that, Barry says, I don't know if I was able to prepare you for the coming crisis. Don't worry Iris, we will be ready for this crisis.

Barry later moved into their apartment. He went and sat on the sofa. Then he looks back and sees Dr. Ramsey standing behind him. When Barry tells him to surrender, don't worry about who Ramsay Barry is. I just came to talk to you Flash !!!!! [Ramsy's smile at that time was Josh.] How did you get this power then? And you got your power from the particle accelerator? Of course not? Even though Barry hit Ramsey then Radamsey doesn't get hurt.

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★ Barry then asks K. Ramsey about the crisis. Barry wonders how Ramsey found out about the crisis. "Well, Barry, when you were looking at the future," said Radhamsy. So what do you see of my future? Barry says you weren't there, no one's future. Radhamsi says and that. But even if you don't know that I will come here and talk to you. After that there was a conversation between the two. Then there is the sudden arrival of Redsky [Redsky is a gravitational force that can erase all existing existence. This is the beginning of the Crisis]. Then Barry woke up.

Allegra is seen in the next scene of. He wondered if he would reveal the secret of Barry Allen's flash. Then Iris and Camilla come there. They say Allegra's cousins ​​have been found working with the terrorist group. Then Alegra says don't work on any other report besides this? Then Iris and Camilla say, look, this is the biggest event. I don't know how many Meta Human have been captured and tortured by this terrorist group. We have to expose them.

After that, Killer Frost checks Barry in Star Lab and says that everything is fine in your body. If you tell me, I'll tell you that you had a bad dream. Cisco then handed Barry a body monitoring device and told him to take it. It will always keep an eye on your body. Iris and Alegra are then seen interrogating the suspect. Although they fail. Barry returns to his apartment. He finds the whole apartment and sees if there is Ramsay. After that, when he went to drink water, he fell ill. Just then Barry's mother came and stood behind Barry.
image courtesy: The CW Network / Warner Bros. Tv
★ After that Barry says am I dreaming again. Then Barry says you're a speed force, aren't you? He says yes I know I will talk like this after a long time. Then Barry asks what's going on with me? Speedforce says when you were giving your speed healing to save your friend. Then a drop of radium blood cells enters your body behind everyone and the infection starts. Radamy wants to take control of your body and your mind. The speed healing of your body is trying its best to stop it but above all it is up to you. Then Barry says if that happens then Radamsey will lose.

After that Iris and Allegra talk and Allegra says she knows about Barry's flash. He then asked if he would write a report on the crisis. Then the Irish say not to tell anyone about this and they talk about other things. After that an accident site was seen. The body of the same person was found in the same place that Iris and Allegra investigated that morning. Allegra later says that UV rays were coming from this button. Allegra seems to be the purpose of the iris. 

You will need your husband's friend for this job. Then Iris says Oo Camilla goes about Barry. Since when is Allegra? Then Camilla says from last summer vacation, Cisco was "live". Then we called Iris and today we investigated and the man was killed today. This means that there is a big hand behind this incident. Then everyone will be with me to unravel this mystery? Then Camilla and Alegra say yes and start working on the mystery.

★ After that Barry is seen, some of his words wake up. Although it was in a dream. Then Radamy came there. Barry and Radamsi had an argument. Ramsay continues to manipulate Barry through these quarrels. At one point Radamsey tells Barry that you are not just a hero. There could be more. All you have to do is accept my offer. Radamsey then shows Barry how he resurrects a dead woman with his poisoned blood cells. I am giving you immortality, says Radhamsi. You can do whatever you want. Barry is then seen in his bed. 

Speedforce arrives and Barry tightens himself. Time is running out. Speed ​​force Says: Ramsey's infection is very strong. It is spreading to your body and mind very quickly. You have to fight Barry. Then Barry says I don't know if I can fight. Radhamsi's words are getting stuck in my mind again and again.
I want to live more, where I have children, I want to spend my whole life with my wife, children and friends. Is it true that I will survive the crisis because of Ramsay's bloodwork? Then Speedforce says yes. You will survive but your mentality will die. 

You will no longer be the previous Barry. You will die while you are still alive. Then Barry gets angry and says he is not willing to give his life. She wants to live longer. Then the room became dark. Cisco and Killer Frost, on the other hand, receive signals from Barry's body monitoring devices on their computers. Where they both see Barry's body temperature rising. 

They then went through the portal to Barry's apartment, where Barry's body lay. Then they say his body temperature is rising. Why is her speed healing not working? Caitlin then said that I had seen such a situation and took control of her body.

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After that Barry and Speedforce are seen fighting. There Ramyasi has to manipulate Barry. On the other hand, they brought Barry's body to Star Lab. When Cisco asked Killer Frost to help reduce Barry's body temperature, Killer Frost failed to do so.

That's why Cisco brought Velocity-9 from his working room and pushed it on Barry's body. This increases Barry's power. Ramsey and Speedforce, on the other hand, want Barry to join their respective teams. At one point, Barry kills Speedforce. At the same time, Ramsey took complete control of Barry's body and mind.
Barry wakes up after taking control of Barry Allen's body and mind. He looked very normal. Cisco and Frost both talk to him. Later, Iris came and talked to Barry. That it is not Barry Ramsay. Barry then attacks everyone in Star Lab and leaves.

image courtesy: The CW Network / Warner Bros. Tv

The Flash Season 6 Episode 6 Review

Going to an unknown place, Barry and Radamsey give each other a new name: bloodwork . After that, the two of them took control of Star Lab. At the same time, with the blood of Ramsay, he made the whole Central City a zombie. Radamsey calls them "Blood Brothers and Sisters".

Then at the Star Lab, 'Iris', 'Cisco', 'Caitlin Snow', 'Joe West', 'Camilla', 'Cecil' and 'Ralph Dibney' start working to bring Barry back and stop Ramsey. On the other hand, the work of Team Flush has doubled as almost the entire city has become zombies outside of Star Lab .

The Flash Season 6 Episode 6 Review

After the plan was implemented, "a fierce battle ensued between Tim Flush and Barry Allen and Ramsey." At one point the team wins the flash. They normalize the people of the city.

Later in the Star Lab, Barry Allen discusses 'Tim Flush'. Whatever the Iris Crisis on Infinity Earth, we will all be with you. Just then there was a sound outside and a red glow spread across the sky. And the crossover of Crisis On Infinite Earths begins.

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The Flash ‘Last Temptation of Barry Allen’ Episode Review

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